Day #35

8 km easy night run

My HRM wouldn’t work correctly for the first km, so I had to slow down over the next few km to average out the heart rate numbers. But this was a good thing as it forced me really to slow down. It felt very relaxing to run at this pace. Managed to stay overall under 140 bpm while running faster than 6 min/km. Pretty nice run.

Near the crunch an owl flew fairly close past my head. Close enough to give me a little scare. It then sat on a lamp post and observed. I was kind of worried the bird would go after me, especially after hearing from other runners about owl attacks. Anyway, nothing happened and I started forgetting about the owl.

Day #16

12 km afternoon run

Ran 3 loops around Mundy Park. This is was probably by honest run since I started again as I did not stop even once and pushed on the last third of the workout. It took the first loop to get into it, but after the first hills and getting my heart rate I started feeling good. The only think I noticed is that both my feet were numb during almost the full second loop. I think the shoes I am running in are a tad tight 0r I am just not used to it. Also, I felt some slight chafing in the my left groin. But I stop noticing both on the last loop. Overall a really good run and the mileage didn’t feel too hard. But I will surely feel the hills tonight and tomorrow.

Oh, I nearly stepped on a squirrel. It ran across the path in front of my and suddenly decided to stop right in front of me. I actually had to jump a little to not hurt it. First time I had this issue.

Day #8

10km evening run

Longest run in distance and time in the last 6 months. And Mundy Park is pretty hilly, so it did take quite a bit out of me. I had to take 3 to 4 walking breaks to catch my breath. But if felt good to complete this run and I did have a sense of accomplishment. I am dead now and tomorrow will definitely be a recovery run.

Oh, and my second wildlife encounter in the recent past. First the cougar on Friday and today a bear family with one adult female and 2 cubs.

Day #7

6km evening run

Decent run after work. Surprisingly the trail wasn’t too crowded despite the good weather. A little chilly, but sunny.

Between the second boardwalk and Old Mill Site, so after around 2.5km I noticed an animal in front of me. At first I thought it was a dog, but there was no leash and the tail had a pointy bush, until it occurred to me that I was only 10m behind a cougar. It was trotting along the trail at slow pace and when it sensed me it went up into the bushes without even turning around. I stopped for a few minutes to make sure the the cat was gone and then continued my run. 10min later after my turnaround I saw the cougar again at a bend in the trail. This time is stared at me and I started feeling a little nervous. I turned around and walked back until I dumped into somebody walking the trail (who incidentally was German). We then continued on the trail together and right at the second board the cougar was sitting between 2 trees staring at us – not even 5m away. The glowing eyes were a little scary. It was quite an experience being to so close to such a big cat, but not one I would want to have every day. Later when I got home Anne told me that this cougar is know and conservation officers have been chasing the cat for a while. I just hope it survives…