Day #44

13 km late night medium run

Nice and dry and perfect running temperature (10 deg). Good run. Not quite as fast as last week, but I didn’t get much sleep the last so that probably affected my running today. It was quiet on the streets with barely people and only a few cars – I guess that is one advantage of running this late in the evening. But one issue is that I am not too tired and stay up late again… By knee felt better than yesterday, but I could still feel it quite a bit.

Day #43

8 km late night easy run

Late start to my easy run, but it was worth the wait. It was at least 12 deg outside and dry. Couldn’t ask for more from the weather. Average pace, uneventful run.

I am starting to feel my left knee more and more. I think it may be a moving kneecap, not quite sure. Seems to be worse when I start running and on downhills. Need to start doing some research if I can mitigate the discomfort with strengthening and/or stretching exercises. Definitely not a pleasant feeling. On the scale to 10 I would call it a 3.

Day #36

10 km fast night run

Just barely missed a 5:00 min/km training run. Doesn’t matter though, it will come. Anyways, this was the fastest run since I (re)started running. It felt very good until about the last km. At that point I noticed that there was not much left in the tank. But it doesn’t matter…

I think it is better to run 10 + 6 km instead of 8 + 8 km. I will do the 10 km at medium pace and the 6 at easy pace. Feeling pretty good.

Day #35

8 km easy night run

My HRM wouldn’t work correctly for the first km, so I had to slow down over the next few km to average out the heart rate numbers. But this was a good thing as it forced me really to slow down. It felt very relaxing to run at this pace. Managed to stay overall under 140 bpm while running faster than 6 min/km. Pretty nice run.

Near the crunch an owl flew fairly close past my head. Close enough to give me a little scare. It then sat on a lamp post and observed. I was kind of worried the bird would go after me, especially after hearing from other runners about owl attacks. Anyway, nothing happened and I started forgetting about the owl.

Day #27

8 km medium night run

This one was fast! Three sub 5 min/km segments and an overall pace of 5:08 min/km. I felt like I was flying at time. After nearly 7 weeks of running this was the first time I had moments where I felt really comfortable and my feet found their way themselves. I hope I have many more of these runs. Tomorrow after German School I will do a very short 5 km easy run as recovery before I go long on Sunday.


Day #22

7 km late night run

Easy run fairly late in the evening. It was a nice evening and my “recovery” run from the previous night’s hills run felt good. The main issue was really that I couldn’t get my heart rate up to 140bpm within the first 3 kms. I take this as I good sign and that my body is now better trained – at least on the cardiovascular level. Subjectively, I felt that I had to work hard to get my heart rate which on a different level kind of defeats the purpose of an easy run. In any case, it felt a tad too much like work for my liking. I may need to adjust my easy running heart rate zone. I guess it could also mean that my maximum heart rate is slowly decreasing thus moving my 140bpm to a higher percentage range. I need to keep on eye on my numbers and see if adjustments are in order.

Day #19

7 km easy night run

Recovery run fairly late in the evening. Nice and cold and quiet on the streets. Managed successfully to keep the heart rate under 140bpm, but it seemed that I had to constantly check my watch to make sure that I am running in the correct range. I don’t (yet) have a good to sense my effort compared to my actual heart rate. There are many variables like environment, stress, elevation changes, etc. that need to be factored in, but I believe over time it should get easier to estimate my effort to run at a specific heart rate. And, of course, the pace should get faster that the same heart rate.

In any case, it was a good uneventful run and I am for sure noticing an improvement in pace for these easy runs.

Day #14

7 km night run

Simple uneventful run in the dark. Went very easy by intention. The first km was even slower than planned because the HR monitor showed higher values than reality which forced me to run slower. I am guessing that the HR contacts were too dry and therefore the conductivity was not good. Once a little sweat was built up the monitor worked just fine. Very quiet on the sidewalks, but it felt really good.