Month #2

October 2017

  Distance (km)
Pace (min/km)
Weight (kg)
Average HR (bpm)
VO2 Max (mL/kg/min)
September 72 6:15 102.7 150 45
October 172 5:43 101.0 149 50

First full month of running! I hit all my targets I set out last month. I guess hitting targets is very easy when starting to run (again). You start off at a fairly low point and progress very quickly in the first 6 weeks, so there are no real surprises. Nonetheless it is nice to look at the progression as they actually quantify the changes. Overall I am very happy on how October turned out for me…

Goals for November:

  • no injuries
  • average weight around 99.5 kg
  • run 226 kms
  • average pace < 5:40 min/km
  • race a short distance (perhaps with Amelie)

Week #7

Distance Pace Weight
Last week 39.3 km 5:47 min/km 101.1 kg
This week 42 km 5:35 min/km 100.4 kg

Highlights of this week:

  • Longer runs are getting faster. My second 15km was faster and a lower heartrate than 2 weeks ago
  • Intervals with the 5:00 group at the Den are still very hard
  • My runs “feel” slower, but really are not

I think I will consider joining the Marathon clinic from the Den. That will give force my Thursday and Sunday workouts. Also, I am starting to think about in which races I would like to participate. Definitely I would like to run the First Half, but I think I might some shorter 5K – 10K in January thru April to get a feel where I stand with my fitness. It seems like the Lower Mainland Running Series has been renamed to “Super Series”. I need to keep an eye on this Series…

Week #6

Distance Pace Weight
Last week 36.9 km 5:39 min/km 101 kg
This week 39.3 km 5:47 min/km 101.1 kg

Highlights of this week:

  • First real long run putting 100+ min run under my belt
  • Survived first hills workout with the Den
  • My “easy” runs are getting pretty fast

On paper the numbers don’t look that great as they seem to indicate that I did not lose any weight and that I actually slowed down in my average pace. The pace was really dragged down by the Tuesday hills workout and weight wise I do not care too much as I am feeling very good.

The 6 week mark always felt kind of important as this is usually the point where I start feeling comfortable running. Where it is not hard getting out of the door and I know I can any distance if I adjust my pace accordingly. And yes, all the this things are starting to come together again. Now, the challenge is to stay on the wagon as long as possible. It is time to start planning some races…

Month #1

September 2017

Distance Pace Weight Average HR VO2 Max
72 km 6:15 min/km 102.7 kg 150 bpm 45 mL/kg/min

Technically, this was only a partial month of running as I started on Sep 11. Nonetheless, I do notice that my body is slowly getting used on the exercise again and that my weight is starting to trend down. Still a very long to go, but the last three weeks have been encouraging. I am happy that I started off again. Now, just stay with it and start setting some race goals. Perhaps I will do a 5K in November…

Goals for October:

  • no injuries
  • average weight around 101 kg
  • run 172 kms
  • average pace < 6:10 min/km
  • improve my easy run pace