Day #44

13 km late night medium run

Nice and dry and perfect running temperature (10 deg). Good run. Not quite as fast as last week, but I didn’t get much sleep the last so that probably affected my running today. It was quiet on the streets with barely people and only a few cars – I guess that is one advantage of running this late in the evening. But one issue is that I am not too tired and stay up late again… By knee felt better than yesterday, but I could still feel it quite a bit.

Day #42

12km with clinic mile intervals

Skipped 2 days of running in a row (Sunday & Monday) because of weather and I just didn’t feel like it. So, I picked the day with the downpour and I even decided to run to the den tonight. Well, I arrived pretty soaked at the store and landed some comments, but in good spirits. We jogged down to a residential area off of Guildford and did 3x 1 mile with 45s break in between. It was definitely a tough one, but I managed to cling on to the others. At least I did not fully die out there. Holding the pace wasn’t that difficult – it was just the slight inclines that killed me. So, with a little grit I came through. In future I need to remember to set my watch correctly so I can capture my mile times. Looking at the data it looks like I averaged a 4:30 min/km pace throughout the workout. Not too shabby – and it helped move my LT pace down to 4:46 min/km in Garmin (for what it’s worth).


Day #40

13 km evening run

Got into my running gear right after coming home from work. When I left the house it was nice and dry, but as soon as I started running it began raining fairly hard. Fortunately it stopped after 3 or 4 km, though the rain came back on the last 15min of the run. Oh well… Run itself was at a good pace and I felt pretty good – I really liked the high cadence of 181 steps per minute. That must be close to a record for a training run. Overall, pretty happy how it went (apart from a stupid driver when getting home 🙁

Day #36

10 km fast night run

Just barely missed a 5:00 min/km training run. Doesn’t matter though, it will come. Anyways, this was the fastest run since I (re)started running. It felt very good until about the last km. At that point I noticed that there was not much left in the tank. But it doesn’t matter…

I think it is better to run 10 + 6 km instead of 8 + 8 km. I will do the 10 km at medium pace and the 6 at easy pace. Feeling pretty good.

Day #34

7.8 km with Den clinic

Good workout with the Den. We ran 6x 45s with 45s rest and then another set of 6x 90s with 45s rest. The latter part was run in hilly Balmorral so it was pretty hard. But doable. I felt much better today than the last 2 workouts with the Den. At least I felt that I could keep up with the others except for the last leg where the hill kind of killed me.

Looking at the stats I am a little concerned with my ground contact balance numbers. It seems that in the last few weeks I am starting to favour my left quite a bit more. Today it was pretty extreme with 51.1%. I hope this is not a sign that an injury is coming up. The only (very slight) discomforts I have recently noticed is my right groin area (hernia?) and my left knee cap. Both are not painful – these are just areas I have noticed. I need to keep monitoring the GCT very closely and see if there is any trending going on…

Day #31

13 km evening run

Now this was a fast one which I really did not expect. On the first 5 km I felt really light on my feet and my legs were strong. Although I still noticed the hills on the way they didn’t seem too much of a hindrance. Even the section going up Pipeline and David did not impact my stride. Only on the last 3.5 km (essentially from Lansdowne all the way home) I noticed the weight of my legs (probably my whole body 😉 and some fatigue coming through. Nonetheless, it was a great run despite the cold and a few very oblivious drivers. Oh, and it was the first cold running night where it was close to freezing.

Day #27

8 km medium night run

This one was fast! Three sub 5 min/km segments and an overall pace of 5:08 min/km. I felt like I was flying at time. After nearly 7 weeks of running this was the first time I had moments where I felt really comfortable and my feet found their way themselves. I hope I have many more of these runs. Tomorrow after German School I will do a very short 5 km easy run as recovery before I go long on Sunday.


Day #23

8 km late afternoon run

I had a day off from work, so I decided to take advantage of the day light and ran at dusk so I can actually see where I am going. Again, it took a while to get my heart rate up and get my engine going, but after 3 kms I found my rhythm and started keeping up a good pace. The overall average pace of 5:24 min/km was the fastest in this season. It was hard work, but it felt good to get the turnover in my feet. Also, my running cadence is starting to get the level I want it. Ideally, I would like to get up to 180 steps per min. This run I averaged 177, so I am nearly there. The pace also felt fast, although objectively I know that this actually not a really fast pace – but I am getting there…

Day #18

8km evening run

Weather is starting to get chilly and wet. It was raining most of the day, but I got a lucky break this evening. It was dark and cold, but dry and actually very pleasant for a run. I went out too fast, but I felt fairly good and it turned out the pace wasn’t bad and I was able to slowly get faster from that first km. I picked it up during the run culminating in a 5:10 min/km on the way back. It felt good to run at this pace. Although a few years back this would have been my recovery race.