Day #47

8 km evening easy run

Knee is still bothering me a fair amount. At the beginning I would rate the pain at a 4 out of 10. It started changing my stride momentarily. But after 10min it was much better with the pain subduing to a 2. The hard workout yesterday did not help, nor sitting at a desk all day – although I went out for a 20min walk today. The other not so good thing today was the fact that my crown felt out today and now I need to go to dentist. It was just a matter of time, but I am really dreading this visit…

Day #45

10 km afternoon easy run

Easy run in the afternoon. Absolutely uneventful. The only thing to mention is that I did notice the discomfort in my left knee again. I think the kneecap is moving around and in some locations it creates a little bit of pain. It doesn’t prevent me from running, but it is starting to become a major annoyance… Pace was fine and within what I expected. Planning to do a 20km long run tomorrow. I am a little worried how my knee will hold up.

Day #43

8 km late night easy run

Late start to my easy run, but it was worth the wait. It was at least 12 deg outside and dry. Couldn’t ask for more from the weather. Average pace, uneventful run.

I am starting to feel my left knee more and more. I think it may be a moving kneecap, not quite sure. Seems to be worse when I start running and on downhills. Need to start doing some research if I can mitigate the discomfort with strengthening and/or stretching exercises. Definitely not a pleasant feeling. On the scale to 10 I would call it a 3.

Day #41

10 km afternoon easy run

Easy, but longer run. Took me a while to get my heart rate going at all and I felt fairly sluggish throughout the whole run. Just didn’t get into it physically and mentally. I feel very exhausted these days. Not so much from the running, but rather from the lack of sleep. Not so sure about tomorrow’s long run. I would like to hit my weekly volume, but I am not sure whether I will physically be able to put in 20km. I guess I will just play it by ear.

Day #37

6 km easy afternoon run

Nice and easy with Lily. I was a little surprised at first on how slow I was going. I thought I could easily do sub 6:00 min/km for easy runs by now. But then I remembered that the previous evening I ran close to 5:00 min/km. My body was telling me that it needs to recover and I cannot just put that run away. This is a very positive thing and re-affirms the need to use a HRM for the easy runs to control the actual (objective) effort of the run.

Lily did very well today and trotted nicely beside me for almost the whole way. There were only 2 moments where she got a little excited / mad, but in both cases it was very short and halfhearted.

Day #35

8 km easy night run

My HRM wouldn’t work correctly for the first km, so I had to slow down over the next few km to average out the heart rate numbers. But this was a good thing as it forced me really to slow down. It felt very relaxing to run at this pace. Managed to stay overall under 140 bpm while running faster than 6 min/km. Pretty nice run.

Near the crunch an owl flew fairly close past my head. Close enough to give me a little scare. It then sat on a lamp post and observed. I was kind of worried the bird would go after me, especially after hearing from other runners about owl attacks. Anyway, nothing happened and I started forgetting about the owl.

Day #32

6 km mid day run with dog

Lily drove me a little crazy today. She acted out three times and tested me. But finally she caved and we got along just fine. The run itself was easy enough. Getting pretty chilly, though. I had to wear a sweater for this run as it was too cold. If this continues I will need a toque and some gloves. Also, some very light flurries during my run. Nothing that would stick on the ground, but nonetheless I hope this is not a sign for things to come this winter.