Day #24

18 km midday long run

My first “real” long run in the sense that it was longer than 90 mins or longer than 15km. 18km seemed a little daunting at first, but then I started finding my rhythm and I wasn’t worried too much about the distance, but rather the pace. I was aiming to run the whole distance at around 5:50 min/km, but of course I went too fast, especially on the way out, so I finally ended up with 5:36 min/km which was slightly faster than last Sunday’s 15km run.

The run itself felt good and I actually caught a phase where it felt really easy (on the first few kilometers coming back from Hyde Creek) – I guess the endorphins kicked in 😉 I was pretty dead when I finally got back home and I had no immediate opportunity to put up my legs, but it was really well worth it. I know that these runs will make be much stronger.

Day #20

15 km mid day long run

Technically this was not a long run, but it sure felt like one and it’s main purpose was to put mileage / time on my feet. Today was a gorgeous day in Port Moody – one of the few beautiful Fall days of this year. I started off too fast, of course, and subsequently most of the run felt like real work. But I did hang in there despite it being really hard on the last 3 km. It felt good and gave me a feeling of accomplishment. I know that this type of run will make me stronger and carry me through the week of regular runs. Next week I should really start slower…

Day #6

6km late night run

Had a busy day with a Middle School open house in the evening. After a late dinner I only got out of the door by 10:30pm. I was also in a foul mood today, so it was good that I could run off some steam. It was nice and quiet with perfect running conditions. Overall my running felt pretty good and I managed to go at a decent pace resulting in the fastest run since I started.

Garmin tcx export is still broken 🙁

Day #4

8km evening run in light rain

Amelie has been asking to run with me for weeks, so I took her along. At first she wanted to do the full planned 8km with me, but after 3km we turned around and she did 6km. We had a few walking breaks on the way back, but Amelie did very well – I could tell she was hurting. Hope she won’t be too sore the next few days… Lily also ran along, but she was a little annoying today weaving left and right in front of us.

I felt pretty good, probably because the pace was a little slower than it would have been had I run by myself. I added 2km in our neighborhood running to the Middle School and picked up the pace. All in all, good workout.

Day #3

6km evening run

Okay run. Pace was a little faster than the first 2 runs. It is a little earlier to see any training benefits, but I think I should see some buildup over the next 2 weeks. Again a very nice evening in Port Moody, but somewhat less crowded than on Wednesday.

Same story as Wednesday, just couldn’t get out in the morning. Need to really work on this. Running in the evenings is just too disruptive as it breaks dinner plans and others schedules. I am jealous of early risers who effortlessly get up early and just get out. I was always fascinated by an old blog called the “Predawn Runner”…


Day #2

7km evening run

Went okay, as expected. Shore inline trail was pretty crowded, so there was a lot weaving between people. Either I get out early in the morning or I need to wait for rainy season to have my quiet. But I cannot really complain as it is was a gorgeous sunset tonight. I noticed that my hips are pretty tight – sitting in an office all day is starting to take its toll. Once I have lost some substantial weight I should consider some stretching and strength build up again.

Just couldn’t get my butt out of the door this morning, although I did get up. It is dark at 6am which doesn’t help. I am annoying the family with my 6am alarm that can only be turned off when scanning a specific barcode…

Day #1

5km early morning run

Managed to get out of the door and also took Lily with me. She seemed to enjoy the run more than I did, but got really mad when we passed the dog park without stopping 😉

Okay, this is an attempt to journal my runs (and perhaps some wandering thoughts every once in a while) to figure out why I cannot get past a few weeks/months of running without giving up again… Perhaps this blog will help.

The audience is primarily myself, but I don’t mind if others read this…

I have been running since the age of 14 (way back in 1981) and I have been keeping a journal of my running since 1983. There are over 2500 recorded runs and the total recorded distance is more than 29,000 km in my diary. I had really good times and ran competitively in my late teens and somewhat competitively in my early to mid forties. But I have also fallen off the wagon way too often. Despite my weight yo-yoing within a range of 25kg, I am physically able to run. It is really my head space that is causing these interruptions. Now, having turned 50 this year I really want to figure out a way to stay consistently in the game and enjoy running…