Day #36

10 km fast night run

Just barely missed a 5:00 min/km training run. Doesn’t matter though, it will come. Anyways, this was the fastest run since I (re)started running. It felt very good until about the last km. At that point I noticed that there was not much left in the tank. But it doesn’t matter…

I think it is better to run 10 + 6 km instead of 8 + 8 km. I will do the 10 km at medium pace and the 6 at easy pace. Feeling pretty good.

Day #35

8 km easy night run

My HRM wouldn’t work correctly for the first km, so I had to slow down over the next few km to average out the heart rate numbers. But this was a good thing as it forced me really to slow down. It felt very relaxing to run at this pace. Managed to stay overall under 140 bpm while running faster than 6 min/km. Pretty nice run.

Near the crunch an owl flew fairly close past my head. Close enough to give me a little scare. It then sat on a lamp post and observed. I was kind of worried the bird would go after me, especially after hearing from other runners about owl attacks. Anyway, nothing happened and I started forgetting about the owl.

Day #34

7.8 km with Den clinic

Good workout with the Den. We ran 6x 45s with 45s rest and then another set of 6x 90s with 45s rest. The latter part was run in hilly Balmorral so it was pretty hard. But doable. I felt much better today than the last 2 workouts with the Den. At least I felt that I could keep up with the others except for the last leg where the hill kind of killed me.

Looking at the stats I am a little concerned with my ground contact balance numbers. It seems that in the last few weeks I am starting to favour my left quite a bit more. Today it was pretty extreme with 51.1%. I hope this is not a sign that an injury is coming up. The only (very slight) discomforts I have recently noticed is my right groin area (hernia?) and my left knee cap. Both are not painful – these are just areas I have noticed. I need to keep monitoring the GCT very closely and see if there is any trending going on…

Week #8

Distance Pace Weight
Last week 42 km 5:35 min/km 100.4 kg
This week 47 km 5:30 min/km 99.8 kg

Highlights of this week:

  • First week under 100kg!
  • Longest run in this season, and also one of the hardest ones
  • No Clinic run this week. Did a faster medium run instead

Overall it was a good week. I did shuffle my week around a little and I ended up running 4 days instead of 5, but that was okay. I did a longer run on Thursday and added 2km to my long run. In the end it worked out well. But I am not quite there yet to put massive hills into the my long runs.

Day #33

20 km mid day long run

Big mistake planning to run up Heritage Mountain Blvd. I nearly died going up there. I had to take three (!) walking breaks just to make it up to the High School. Once I was up there it was okay. It was not easy running to Noons Creek, but manageable. Downhill was, of course, easy after this torture making it up there. The remaining 13 km were fairly uneventful – decent pace all the way back although it did catch up to on the last few kms. I know I will feel this distance in my legs for the next day or two. Curious to see how the Tuesday clinic will work out.

Was fairly cold and windy, but I was so exhausted and warmed up that I hardly noticed the environment.



Day #32

6 km mid day run with dog

Lily drove me a little crazy today. She acted out three times and tested me. But finally she caved and we got along just fine. The run itself was easy enough. Getting pretty chilly, though. I had to wear a sweater for this run as it was too cold. If this continues I will need a toque and some gloves. Also, some very light flurries during my run. Nothing that would stick on the ground, but nonetheless I hope this is not a sign for things to come this winter.

Day #31

13 km evening run

Now this was a fast one which I really did not expect. On the first 5 km I felt really light on my feet and my legs were strong. Although I still noticed the hills on the way they didn’t seem too much of a hindrance. Even the section going up Pipeline and David did not impact my stride. Only on the last 3.5 km (essentially from Lansdowne all the way home) I noticed the weight of my legs (probably my whole body 😉 and some fatigue coming through. Nonetheless, it was a great run despite the cold and a few very oblivious drivers. Oh, and it was the first cold running night where it was close to freezing.

Month #2

October 2017

  Distance (km)
Pace (min/km)
Weight (kg)
Average HR (bpm)
VO2 Max (mL/kg/min)
September 72 6:15 102.7 150 45
October 172 5:43 101.0 149 50

First full month of running! I hit all my targets I set out last month. I guess hitting targets is very easy when starting to run (again). You start off at a fairly low point and progress very quickly in the first 6 weeks, so there are no real surprises. Nonetheless it is nice to look at the progression as they actually quantify the changes. Overall I am very happy on how October turned out for me…

Goals for November:

  • no injuries
  • average weight around 99.5 kg
  • run 226 kms
  • average pace < 5:40 min/km
  • race a short distance (perhaps with Amelie)

Day #30

8 km mid day run

Had to let off some steam today as Amelie spent the previous day in the hospital due to strong stomach aches. If felt good to get out during the week at day time. Very little traffic on the trails and beautiful – I guess everybody was home prepping for Halloween. The run itself was very uneventful. Felt fairly hard and strenuous, perhaps due to the lack of sleep in the last couple of days.

Week #7

Distance Pace Weight
Last week 39.3 km 5:47 min/km 101.1 kg
This week 42 km 5:35 min/km 100.4 kg

Highlights of this week:

  • Longer runs are getting faster. My second 15km was faster and a lower heartrate than 2 weeks ago
  • Intervals with the 5:00 group at the Den are still very hard
  • My runs “feel” slower, but really are not

I think I will consider joining the Marathon clinic from the Den. That will give force my Thursday and Sunday workouts. Also, I am starting to think about in which races I would like to participate. Definitely I would like to run the First Half, but I think I might some shorter 5K – 10K in January thru April to get a feel where I stand with my fitness. It seems like the Lower Mainland Running Series has been renamed to “Super Series”. I need to keep an eye on this Series…