Day #9

6km evening run

Really nice run. Weather was good, trails were not too crowded, right into the dusk. First run without stopping at all. Slowly getting back into the groove. Now, the important thing is to stay consistent and keep hammering away at it. The only thing that wasn’t that great is the fact that I actually wanted to run yesterday (Monday), but just didn’t find the time to do so. So, I think I will try to do a recovery run tomorrow. Let’s see how well I can stay under 140bpm.

And, no wild animal sightings…

Week #2

Distance [km] Pace [min/km] Weight [kg]
Target 28
Actual 28 6:00 103.3

Second week was right on track. Both the faster pace and the non changing weight are kind of expected. In the past it always took me 4-6 weeks of running before seeing a consistent drop in weight. No real targets for the next week aside from hitting a full 30km total.

But the really story for this week are the wild animal sightings. Both a cougar and a bear family within 3 days is pretty unusual. But perhaps I perceive it as unusual because I haven’t been running at all lately. In any case, it was nice to have these kinds of encounters. Let’s see what the following weeks will expose…

Day #8

10km evening run

Longest run in distance and time in the last 6 months. And Mundy Park is pretty hilly, so it did take quite a bit out of me. I had to take 3 to 4 walking breaks to catch my breath. But if felt good to complete this run and I did have a sense of accomplishment. I am dead now and tomorrow will definitely be a recovery run.

Oh, and my second wildlife encounter in the recent past. First the cougar on Friday and today a bear family with one adult female and 2 cubs.

Day #7

6km evening run

Decent run after work. Surprisingly the trail wasn’t too crowded despite the good weather. A little chilly, but sunny.

Between the second boardwalk and Old Mill Site, so after around 2.5km I noticed an animal in front of me. At first I thought it was a dog, but there was no leash and the tail had a pointy bush, until it occurred to me that I was only 10m behind a cougar. It was trotting along the trail at slow pace and when it sensed me it went up into the bushes without even turning around. I stopped for a few minutes to make sure the the cat was gone and then continued my run. 10min later after my turnaround I saw the cougar again at a bend in the trail. This time is stared at me and I started feeling a little nervous. I turned around and walked back until I dumped into somebody walking the trail (who incidentally was German). We then continued on the trail together and right at the second board the cougar was sitting between 2 trees staring at us – not even 5m away. The glowing eyes were a little scary. It was quite an experience being to so close to such a big cat, but not one I would want to have every day. Later when I got home Anne told me that this cougar is know and conservation officers have been chasing the cat for a while. I just hope it survives…

Day #6

6km late night run

Had a busy day with a Middle School open house in the evening. After a late dinner I only got out of the door by 10:30pm. I was also in a foul mood today, so it was good that I could run off some steam. It was nice and quiet with perfect running conditions. Overall my running felt pretty good and I managed to go at a decent pace resulting in the fastest run since I started.

Garmin tcx export is still broken 🙁

Week #1

Distance [km] Pace [min/km] Weight [kg]
Target 26
Actual 26 6:26 103.2

As good as a first week can go, I guess. Pretty happy that I hit my target of 26 km for this week. Next week I am going for 28 km and I will try to break under 103 kg. No real formal weekly targets, probably will see how this month goes and then set some goals for October. Still need to work on getting out in the morning for my runs. At least on Wednesdays and Fridays. Apart from that I will play it by ear…

Day #4

8km evening run in light rain

Amelie has been asking to run with me for weeks, so I took her along. At first she wanted to do the full planned 8km with me, but after 3km we turned around and she did 6km. We had a few walking breaks on the way back, but Amelie did very well – I could tell she was hurting. Hope she won’t be too sore the next few days… Lily also ran along, but she was a little annoying today weaving left and right in front of us.

I felt pretty good, probably because the pace was a little slower than it would have been had I run by myself. I added 2km in our neighborhood running to the Middle School and picked up the pace. All in all, good workout.

Day #3

6km evening run

Okay run. Pace was a little faster than the first 2 runs. It is a little earlier to see any training benefits, but I think I should see some buildup over the next 2 weeks. Again a very nice evening in Port Moody, but somewhat less crowded than on Wednesday.

Same story as Wednesday, just couldn’t get out in the morning. Need to really work on this. Running in the evenings is just too disruptive as it breaks dinner plans and others schedules. I am jealous of early risers who effortlessly get up early and just get out. I was always fascinated by an old blog called the “Predawn Runner”…


Day #2

7km evening run

Went okay, as expected. Shore inline trail was pretty crowded, so there was a lot weaving between people. Either I get out early in the morning or I need to wait for rainy season to have my quiet. But I cannot really complain as it is was a gorgeous sunset tonight. I noticed that my hips are pretty tight – sitting in an office all day is starting to take its toll. Once I have lost some substantial weight I should consider some stretching and strength build up again.

Just couldn’t get my butt out of the door this morning, although I did get up. It is dark at 6am which doesn’t help. I am annoying the family with my 6am alarm that can only be turned off when scanning a specific barcode…