Day #44

13 km late night medium run

Nice and dry and perfect running temperature (10 deg). Good run. Not quite as fast as last week, but I didn’t get much sleep the last so that probably affected my running today. It was quiet on the streets with barely people and only a few cars – I guess that is one advantage of running this late in the evening. But one issue is that I am not too tired and stay up late again… By knee felt better than yesterday, but I could still feel it quite a bit.

Day #43

8 km late night easy run

Late start to my easy run, but it was worth the wait. It was at least 12 deg outside and dry. Couldn’t ask for more from the weather. Average pace, uneventful run.

I am starting to feel my left knee more and more. I think it may be a moving kneecap, not quite sure. Seems to be worse when I start running and on downhills. Need to start doing some research if I can mitigate the discomfort with strengthening and/or stretching exercises. Definitely not a pleasant feeling. On the scale to 10 I would call it a 3.

Day #42

12km with clinic mile intervals

Skipped 2 days of running in a row (Sunday & Monday) because of weather and I just didn’t feel like it. So, I picked the day with the downpour and I even decided to run to the den tonight. Well, I arrived pretty soaked at the store and landed some comments, but in good spirits. We jogged down to a residential area off of Guildford and did 3x 1 mile with 45s break in between. It was definitely a tough one, but I managed to cling on to the others. At least I did not fully die out there. Holding the pace wasn’t that difficult – it was just the slight inclines that killed me. So, with a little grit I came through. In future I need to remember to set my watch correctly so I can capture my mile times. Looking at the data it looks like I averaged a 4:30 min/km pace throughout the workout. Not too shabby – and it helped move my LT pace down to 4:46 min/km in Garmin (for what it’s worth).


Week #10

Distance Pace Weight
Last week 49.8 km 5:27 min/km 99.1 kg
This week 35 km 5:32 min/km 99.1 kg

Highlights of this week:

  • Pretty fast 13km run on Thursday. Felt good.
  • Survived the Lansdowne climb with the Den

First week that I have not met my targets. I wanted to run 18 – 20 km today, but it was raining so hard all day that I skipped the run. As the previous 9 weeks went really well, I am trying not to get too hung up about it. I will try to add a run tomorrow and perhaps next week to make up for the missing monthly volume. We will see. Even if I miss the monthly target, that’s ok. Not training for anything specific. I guess a recovery week is also a good thing and will give my body a little bit of rest time.

Day #41

10 km afternoon easy run

Easy, but longer run. Took me a while to get my heart rate going at all and I felt fairly sluggish throughout the whole run. Just didn’t get into it physically and mentally. I feel very exhausted these days. Not so much from the running, but rather from the lack of sleep. Not so sure about tomorrow’s long run. I would like to hit my weekly volume, but I am not sure whether I will physically be able to put in 20km. I guess I will just play it by ear.

Day #40

13 km evening run

Got into my running gear right after coming home from work. When I left the house it was nice and dry, but as soon as I started running it began raining fairly hard. Fortunately it stopped after 3 or 4 km, though the rain came back on the last 15min of the run. Oh well… Run itself was at a good pace and I felt pretty good – I really liked the high cadence of 181 steps per minute. That must be close to a record for a training run. Overall, pretty happy how it went (apart from a stupid driver when getting home 🙁

Day #39

12 km evening run with the Den

Decided to run the 2km to the Den as a warm up and then run home right after the workout. Made it to the store just in time. Next time I need to give myself another 5 minutes to get there a little more on time. The workout was going up Lansdowne and then doing a few repeats along David. It was a really tough workout I had to stop once at the halfway mark to get up the hill. Paul was so nice to pull me up. I really have issues with hills, especially when they tend to be longer. Less weight and running more hills are the only things that will help… Overall a good workout and I felt pretty beat once back at home. It will be interesting to see how the recovery run will go tomorrow.


Week #9

Distance Pace Weight
Last week 47 km 5:30 min/km 99.8 kg
This week 49.8 km 5:27 min/km 99.1 kg

Highlights of this week:

  • First pouring rain long run – and I survived !
  • Nearly hit the 5 min/km in my medium run. Won’t be long now.
  • Larger weight loss this week than expected.

Another good week for me. Little surprised about the weight loss as I did not really change my eating habits this week. I guess the consistent running is taking its toll on my fat reserves. Speed was also a big one this week. Friday and Sunday runs show that my medium speed has picked up quite a bit. The only reason that it doesn’t show up more significantly is the fact that my easy run was slower than usual.

Day #38

18 km afternoon long run

Vancouver Fall weather has finally caught up with my running. Pouring rain all along the way. There were only a very few runners out there today and overall very little traffic on the roads and sidewalks. I guess everybody was inside at home or in the mall. At least it wasn’t that cold, but I did have some minor issues with chafing in the groin area. Need to remember to use some vaseline or similar when going out in this kind of weather. Pace was really good. Compared to the same route 2 weeks ago I dropped 16s in pace and 4 bpm in heart rate. Pretty happy about that. Was pretty tired towards the very end, but overall felt pretty good. Took a nice long hot bath when I got home…

Day #37

6 km easy afternoon run

Nice and easy with Lily. I was a little surprised at first on how slow I was going. I thought I could easily do sub 6:00 min/km for easy runs by now. But then I remembered that the previous evening I ran close to 5:00 min/km. My body was telling me that it needs to recover and I cannot just put that run away. This is a very positive thing and re-affirms the need to use a HRM for the easy runs to control the actual (objective) effort of the run.

Lily did very well today and trotted nicely beside me for almost the whole way. There were only 2 moments where she got a little excited / mad, but in both cases it was very short and halfhearted.