Week #13

Distance Pace Weight
Last week 29.3 km 5:30 min/km 97.8 kg
This week 10.6 km 5:25 min/km 98.1 kg

Highlights of this week:

  • Got out for a Sunday run with Dave
  • Got back running at all!

Nothing much to say for this week as I actually only ran once. But at least this was an inspiration. Need to ramp up my volume this month so I am back on track in January.

Day #50

10.6 km early morning run

Wow, it took me more than 10 days to get from Day 49 to Day 50. Not sure why I fell off the wagon – it just happened. Yes, weather was crappy, but that is just unacceptable as an excuse. I am grateful that I ran into Dave the other day and just set up a run for this morning. Otherwise I don’t think I would have run today… The loss of fitness I encountered over the last 10 days is tremendous – absolutely shocking. I hope this is enough inspiration to get me back on track.

I really struggled keeping up with Dave down on Alderside. I am pretty sure that this would have been easy 2 weeks ago, but today I was just crushed. It was really good to get out this early in the morning. By 8:30 I had my run in already – it felt really good. I did notice my knee again…