Week #11

Distance Pace Weight
Last week 35 km 5:32 min/km 99.1 kg
This week 63 km 5:34 min/km 98.4 kg

Highlights of this week:

  • Longest weekly volume so far
  • Toughed out mile repeats with the Den in a storm
  • Combined hills with long run to the point of fatigue

Nice drop in weight this week. Seems like I moving away from my plateau. The Sunday long run was a killer this week. As I went in the evening I wanted to stay in a well lit area so I opted for David to Shaughnessy and back on David. What a way to end the week. I am starting to feel the volume, so it will be interesting to see how I do next week…

Day #46

20 km evening long run with hills

This long run really got to me. My legs felt like jello on the last 2 km rolling home. I am happy that I was able to run up Heritage Mountain without stopping once (vs 3 times the last time I tried). I did have to take a break on the way back up David again – between Johnson and Lansdowne. Overall my legs were just tired. I think the weekly volume really contributed to it, as looking at the heart rate I averaged 146 bpm which is much less that I thought it would be.

I also had some minor issues with my left knee again – but it doesn’t seem that it is getting worse. For a few moment I felt some weakness in knee, like it was going to give in. But I have felt that feeling in the past and nothing really came out of it. Overall I think these hills actually help build up muscles around the knee (that is my hope, at least). I was careful on the downhills not to put too much pressure, then again I felt so depleted that I couldn’t have taken the downhills much faster anyway. I will be interesting to see how my legs will feel tomorrow.