Week #10

Distance Pace Weight
Last week 49.8 km 5:27 min/km 99.1 kg
This week 35 km 5:32 min/km 99.1 kg

Highlights of this week:

  • Pretty fast 13km run on Thursday. Felt good.
  • Survived the Lansdowne climb with the Den

First week that I have not met my targets. I wanted to run 18 – 20 km today, but it was raining so hard all day that I skipped the run. As the previous 9 weeks went really well, I am trying not to get too hung up about it. I will try to add a run tomorrow and perhaps next week to make up for the missing monthly volume. We will see. Even if I miss the monthly target, that’s ok. Not training for anything specific. I guess a recovery week is also a good thing and will give my body a little bit of rest time.