Week #9

Distance Pace Weight
Last week 47 km 5:30 min/km 99.8 kg
This week 49.8 km 5:27 min/km 99.1 kg

Highlights of this week:

  • First pouring rain long run – and I survived !
  • Nearly hit the 5 min/km in my medium run. Won’t be long now.
  • Larger weight loss this week than expected.

Another good week for me. Little surprised about the weight loss as I did not really change my eating habits this week. I guess the consistent running is taking its toll on my fat reserves. Speed was also a big one this week. Friday and Sunday runs show that my medium speed has picked up quite a bit. The only reason that it doesn’t show up more significantly is the fact that my easy run was slower than usual.

Day #38

18 km afternoon long run

Vancouver Fall weather has finally caught up with my running. Pouring rain all along the way. There were only a very few runners out there today and overall very little traffic on the roads and sidewalks. I guess everybody was inside at home or in the mall. At least it wasn’t that cold, but I did have some minor issues with chafing in the groin area. Need to remember to use some vaseline or similar when going out in this kind of weather. Pace was really good. Compared to the same route 2 weeks ago I dropped 16s in pace and 4 bpm in heart rate. Pretty happy about that. Was pretty tired towards the very end, but overall felt pretty good. Took a nice long hot bath when I got home…