Month #2

October 2017

  Distance (km)
Pace (min/km)
Weight (kg)
Average HR (bpm)
VO2 Max (mL/kg/min)
September 72 6:15 102.7 150 45
October 172 5:43 101.0 149 50

First full month of running! I hit all my targets I set out last month. I guess hitting targets is very easy when starting to run (again). You start off at a fairly low point and progress very quickly in the first 6 weeks, so there are no real surprises. Nonetheless it is nice to look at the progression as they actually quantify the changes. Overall I am very happy on how October turned out for me…

Goals for November:

  • no injuries
  • average weight around 99.5 kg
  • run 226 kms
  • average pace < 5:40 min/km
  • race a short distance (perhaps with Amelie)

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