Month #2

October 2017

  Distance (km)
Pace (min/km)
Weight (kg)
Average HR (bpm)
VO2 Max (mL/kg/min)
September 72 6:15 102.7 150 45
October 172 5:43 101.0 149 50

First full month of running! I hit all my targets I set out last month. I guess hitting targets is very easy when starting to run (again). You start off at a fairly low point and progress very quickly in the first 6 weeks, so there are no real surprises. Nonetheless it is nice to look at the progression as they actually quantify the changes. Overall I am very happy on how October turned out for me…

Goals for November:

  • no injuries
  • average weight around 99.5 kg
  • run 226 kms
  • average pace < 5:40 min/km
  • race a short distance (perhaps with Amelie)

Day #30

8 km mid day run

Had to let off some steam today as Amelie spent the previous day in the hospital due to strong stomach aches. If felt good to get out during the week at day time. Very little traffic on the trails and beautiful – I guess everybody was home prepping for Halloween. The run itself was very uneventful. Felt fairly hard and strenuous, perhaps due to the lack of sleep in the last couple of days.