Week #7

Distance Pace Weight
Last week 39.3 km 5:47 min/km 101.1 kg
This week 42 km 5:35 min/km 100.4 kg

Highlights of this week:

  • Longer runs are getting faster. My second 15km was faster and a lower heartrate than 2 weeks ago
  • Intervals with the 5:00 group at the Den are still very hard
  • My runs “feel” slower, but really are not

I think I will consider joining the Marathon clinic from the Den. That will give force my Thursday and Sunday workouts. Also, I am starting to think about in which races I would like to participate. Definitely I would like to run the First Half, but I think I might some shorter 5K – 10K in January thru April to get a feel where I stand with my fitness. It seems like the Lower Mainland Running Series has been renamed to “Super Series”. I need to keep an eye on this Series…

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