Day #7

6km evening run

Decent run after work. Surprisingly the trail wasn’t too crowded despite the good weather. A little chilly, but sunny.

Between the second boardwalk and Old Mill Site, so after around 2.5km I noticed an animal in front of me. At first I thought it was a dog, but there was no leash and the tail had a pointy bush, until it occurred to me that I was only 10m behind a cougar. It was trotting along the trail at slow pace and when it sensed me it went up into the bushes without even turning around. I stopped for a few minutes to make sure the the cat was gone and then continued my run. 10min later after my turnaround I saw the cougar again at a bend in the trail. This time is stared at me and I started feeling a little nervous. I turned around and walked back until I dumped into somebody walking the trail (who incidentally was German). We then continued on the trail together and right at the second board the cougar was sitting between 2 trees staring at us – not even 5m away. The glowing eyes were a little scary. It was quite an experience being to so close to such a big cat, but not one I would want to have every day. Later when I got home Anne told me that this cougar is know and conservation officers have been chasing the cat for a while. I just hope it survives…