Day #1

5km early morning run

Managed to get out of the door and also took Lily with me. She seemed to enjoy the run more than I did, but got really mad when we passed the dog park without stopping 😉

Okay, this is an attempt to journal my runs (and perhaps some wandering thoughts every once in a while) to figure out why I cannot get past a few weeks/months of running without giving up again… Perhaps this blog will help.

The audience is primarily myself, but I don’t mind if others read this…

I have been running since the age of 14 (way back in 1981) and I have been keeping a journal of my running since 1983. There are over 2500 recorded runs and the total recorded distance is more than 29,000 km in my diary. I had really good times and ran competitively in my late teens and somewhat competitively in my early to mid forties. But I have also fallen off the wagon way too often. Despite my weight yo-yoing within a range of 25kg, I am physically able to run. It is really my head space that is causing these interruptions. Now, having turned 50 this year I really want to figure out a way to stay consistently in the game and enjoy running…

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